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Oksana is niet meer op zoek naar een man


De webmaster kent Oksana persoonlijk. Oksana is een jonge (26) , knappe, intelligente en humoristische vrouw. Ze houdt van het leven en straalt dit uit. Haar belangrijkste karaktereigenschappen zijn tevredenheid en vrolijkheid.

Ze komt uit Severomorsk in de Murmansk provincie, een van de mooiste streken uit Rusland.

Hieronder vindt u een beschrijving.

I am looking for a man that is naturally curious and optimistic ...wants to love and be loved.


 Relationship Goal long term relationship
Marriage Plans want to get married (has never been married)
Future Children adores children, does not have children yet, want children

Opmerking van de webmaster : Russische vrouwen hebben een sterke kinderwens. Hou er dus rekening mee, indien u reeds kinderen zou hebben, dat dat er een grote kans bestaat dat uw Russische vrouw er nog eentje bij wil. De "mean age at first birth" is voor Russische vrouwen rond de 25 jaar, bij ons rond de 31. Rekening mee houden dus !


Eye Color hazel
Hair Color Dark blond
Height 167 cm
Body Type average
Appearance average
Where Raised northern Russia
Languages English
Education boekhouden, marketing (higher education)
Occupation marketing


Smoking never
Drinking once or twice a month
Children none
Pets love animals - don't have pets
Sleep Habits stay up late, wake up early
Interests dancing, photography, live music, cooking/baking, mind/body/health, massage, ...


Frequency Watch Movies: regularly
Listen to Music: regularly
Read: regularly
Watch TV: occasionally
Movies comedy (slapstick, farce), foreign, musical, romance
Music pop music / radio music / jazz

What was one of the best decisions you ever made?

to go to school and earn an education

Tell about something you look forward to

love reflected in his eyes, strong arms to hold me at night, desire in his kiss, laughter and many adventures and laughter together

Tell about a person who significantly influenced your life

my Mom and Dad

What is important to you?

special people in my life and staying a part of them, great friends, being there when others need help, time for letting my spirit and body calm and a loving husband and family

Describe an activity you do or would like to do

go to the cinema, the theater, go to the beach in summer and listen to some great music,

What qualities do you appreciate in friends?

honesty, laughter, positive energy and sharing

What is sexy to you?

his heart's goodness, old soul eyes, humour/mischief & a love of comfort and ease...a spontaneous & loving spirit...loves to explore & play...

What is the meaning of life?

life has to be about loving others

Is there anything else you would like to add?

it is my love's journey to be open to a man who has great courage of heart, strength of mind  in our love and family


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